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Sally is one amazing dog!

Today Sadie and Lacie went to be groomed and Sally was alone all day. I decided to leave her in the house on her dog bed as she had been so good. When I got home, there was Sally to welcome us. She couldn't have been a more perfect dog. I have never met a dog as well mannered as she is. What a gift she has been to us.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph did a follow up article on her. Poor Sally was not pictured again. Sandy gets all the photo ops, but that is okay with us. We know who the real beauty is!

Sally goes to the doctor

Today Sally went to visit Dr. Spence and get her check up. He said that she looked great. She had her heartworm test, fecal test, and received her rabies vaccine. She is now sporting her new rabies tag with her new address engraved on the back.

Sally is now an official Varnell. Welcome to our family, Sally. We love you.
(Sally was a big hit in the waiting room. Everyone said what a great, well-mannered dog she was.) I think Sally was glad to get back home and know that she truly was "home".
A good day!

Sally Day 4

Well, Sally is settling in. She has spent the last 3 nights in the house. Charlie said that she definitely did not want to go to the garage this morning when it came time for him to go to work. When I got home this afternoon, Sally was waiting in the garage. She went outside with Sadie and Lacey and then came in to spend the evening with the family. She still is very curious about the cats. As you can see from the latest picture, Charlie and her are "bonding". We bought her a Tempur-pedic dog bed yesterday which she seems to really like.

Day Two in Sally's New Life


Sally spent her first night in the garage in her new bed. When I opened the door, she was waiting to come in. She greeted Sadie and Lacey and then they all went outside. Sally stayed busy with us all day sitting in the yard and following us around.

Varnell gives Sally a leg to stand on

When I arrived at the Humane Society, Gayle Helms, informed me that somebody had inquired about the dogs and were coming tomorrow to get them. Since I was already there, I played with the dogs. I really liked Sally as she was older and calmer. I thought that our little dogs, Sadie and Lacey, would feel less threatened by her. Sandy was a one year old lab that had her front leg shot off by somebody and was brought to the shelter. She was definitely a puppy and wanted to chew and play.

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