Varnell gives Sally a leg to stand on

When I arrived at the Humane Society, Gayle Helms, informed me that somebody had inquired about the dogs and were coming tomorrow to get them. Since I was already there, I played with the dogs. I really liked Sally as she was older and calmer. I thought that our little dogs, Sadie and Lacey, would feel less threatened by her. Sandy was a one year old lab that had her front leg shot off by somebody and was brought to the shelter. She was definitely a puppy and wanted to chew and play. I left my telephone number with Gayle and told her to call if the people didn't take the dogs and then went home to tell Charlie about the girls. I showed him the article and he too was concerned about their future.

On Saturday, Gayle did call and leave a message at 2:00 saying that the people did not take the dogs and I could adopt both of them. By the time I returned her call, Sandy had found a home. Poor Sally was all alone, but not for long. Charlie fixed up a place for her in the garage while I went to get her.

I think that she was glad to see me. She had no difficulty climbing into my car for the trip home. The papers that Gayle gave me said that she is housebroken, but does not like cats and should be in a home where somebody is home all day. If I had read that first, I probably wouldn't have taken her, but I didn't!

Since we have two cats, Katie and Simon, I was a little concerned about how they would all get along. Katie hissed at her and Simon pretended that she wasn't there. There wasn't a major incident so I felt much better. Any time there is a new addition, there is a period of adjustment!

Sally met Bambi, our deer with the broken jaw, and our two parrots. Things seemed pretty calm considering all the critters that she had to meet. I think her being at the humane society helped with her adjustment to all of our pets.

Sally was to be an outside dog. She did come in to watch the end of the Texas vs. Texas Tech game. Since Sally is burnt orange in color, she fits right in! She was very happy with the outcome of the game and with her new home!

She has come in the house a few times and is very quiet. I sure hope she likes us cause we like her and hope that she will be with us a very long time. There is always room for one more critter at our house. See Photo Album for pictures.