Lilly Has A new Trick

Lilly has many talents and her latest is stair climbing![g2:85025]

It turns out that Bambi is not the only one that knows how to climb stairs. It must be a white-tail deer talent! Lilly had trouble at time taking her bottle because the bigger "boys" would nudge her with their horns. It worried me, but not for long. Lilly figured out that if she climbed the stairs, she would be safe. Now when it is time to eat, she quickly comes up the stairs to greet us. If the bottle is not ready, she is not shy. She has been known to go through the gate onto the deck and even into the house to find her bottle in the fridge. Then she will march out to enjoy her bottle on the deck before she grabs a bite of bread and heads down the stairs. What a joy she is to watch.