Lilly Comes for Breakfast

Well, it is now Sunday morning. This was Lilly's first night out in the big world and naturally I was worried. I got my bucket of corn and Lilly's bottle and prayed that she would come. [g2:84817]

I hadn't finished putting the corn out, when here she came running. Yesterday as Charlie was feeding Lilly, I noticed that Mollie was standing at the railing with her "Happy Face" on as if she recognized Lilly as the little fawn she used to kiss and love on. Today she validated that. I was feeding Lilly when all of a sudden Mollie came down the stairs and greeted Lilly with a big kiss. Lilly just continued to drink her bottle and was not frightened at all. She recognized her old friend. After she finished her bottle, Mollie played with her and kissed on her some more. Mollie acted like she didn't want her to go. It will be interesting to watch them as Lilly matures. It is definitely a Great Day!