Charlie the Goat

I was searching for a goat on the internet when I came across the following add on Craig's list and sent this message:

Insert actual notice here.

My response was as follows:
I have been doing some reading on goats and thought that Nigerian pygmy goats would be good because they are small and friendly. We have an exotic deer farm and I just finished bottle feeding a little white tail named Lilly who still comes into the house for her apples so I definitely could identify with your Charlie. Please tell me more about him and if he is still for sale. We also have a great Pyrenees named Maddie who could take good care of him. I have heard that male goats smell really bad. Is that true?

A few minutes passed when I got the following message from Paige, Charlie's current mother.
"I'm laughing as I was reading your email. Charlie loves poison ivy but I'm highly allergic. Hence the reason I have to get rid of him. I got him as a pet for my boys and bottle raised him so he'd be really gentle. He's a real doll. Loves people, dogs and anything else that will love on him. He is a wether which means he is castrated so no smell. The intact boys are what smell and do not make good pets. I made sure this boy was fixed. Have a lady wanting to come get him so if you're interested call me. Sounds like you would give him a better home and that's what is most important to me. "

Well, I made the call and then the visit to Charlie's current home to meet Charlie and his current owner, Paige. Well, it was love at first site (at least on my part). Charlie was adorable and he actually seemed to like me. My biggest dilemma was can you have a husband named Charlie and a goat with the same name? Next came the question as to how was I to get Charlie home??? As it turned out, Charlie's other owner, AKA Paige's husband Pete, had his weekly night out with the boys in Chandler. He was leaving in about an hour and we planned to meet in Chandler so that I could bring Charlie home with me. I went home to get my pet carrier and then went back to Chandler to wait for Charlie. In the mean time, I called Charlie the husband, to let him know what was about to happen. Sweet man that he is, he went with me to Chandler to meet Charlie.