Day Two in Sally's New Life


Sally spent her first night in the garage in her new bed. When I opened the door, she was waiting to come in. She greeted Sadie and Lacey and then they all went outside. Sally stayed busy with us all day sitting in the yard and following us around.

When night time came, Charlie put her in the garage. It was going to be awfully cold that night. After Charlie went to bed, I went out to the garage and let Sally in. All was going good until Sally let out a sigh, and Charlie said, "what's that?". Well, I was busted again! He just kind of shook his head and Sally laid back down on the rug where she spent night 2. You will never guess where she slept last night. Yep, in the bedroom with everybody. I do believe that Sally is going to fit right in. She seems to know that she is home.