Be careful what you wish for! or "Rain, rain, go away"

Who would have thought that the rain that we finally got last night could cause so much damage. My only thoughts last night when I first hear it, was that I hoped it wouldn't wash my newly planted grass seed away in front of the chicken coop. Then when I got up and saw that the house had a few more leaks in the ceiling, I was a little bit upset. It seems that just as soon as we can see some progress, we get knocked back down again.
I know that when you look at the big picture, we are fine and these are just minor issues. I truly am grateful for all that we have. It wasn't until Charlie had left for work and then returned saying, "honey, the road is washed out a bit and I need you to go with me to make sure that I can get out" that I knew we had a major problem. I went with him in the rain to see that the road was totally gone and there was no way that he could get out the front road.

Thank goodness that there is a back entrance! He needed to get to work so I was left in front looking at the damage. I could do nothing but cry as I watched my big koi flip around and escape in the water that was crossing the road. I went and got a bucket and a net just in case I could catch a few. The road continued to erode in front of my eyes as major chunks fell into what I would call a big sink hole. We lost the fencing on both sides of the road. My thoughts quickly turned to the fact that there was nothing there to keep our deer and other critters in and now any predator could come into the property. I didn't know what to do. I could not fix it alone. Thank goodness that Casey answered when I called him and he and Austin quickly arrived and assessed the problem. They were able to put up a temporary fence made of gates that we had lerking around the property and now the deer are relatively contained. I honestly do not know what we would have done without their help. The pictures hopefully will give you an idea of just how bad it is. I am hoping that my civil engineer husband will be able to work his magic and get Ribbit Retreat looking good once more. There was damage around the rest of the place and Toby and Trixie (my minidonks) are not where they should be, but these are just minor issues. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully the rain will subside and we can assess the damage. As long as no people or animals were injured, I will call it a good day.