Life on the Farm

Life on the Farm

Be careful what you wish for! or "Rain, rain, go away"

Who would have thought that the rain that we finally got last night could cause so much damage. My only thoughts last night when I first hear it, was that I hoped it wouldn't wash my newly planted grass seed away in front of the chicken coop. Then when I got up and saw that the house had a few more leaks in the ceiling, I was a little bit upset. It seems that just as soon as we can see some progress, we get knocked back down again.

Lilly Video

Lilly returns to her family after recovering from her injuries.


Lilly Post Injury Day 5 - Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2009

Lilly did well last night and had breakfast before I went to work. I will take pictures of her this afternoon and post them.

Lilly Post Injury Day 4 - Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009

This morning Dr. Brown and his assistant, Kelly, came to the house. Thank goodness vets still make house calls! After Lilly calmed down long enough for him to take a look, he told me that despite her severe injuries to her lip and eyes, he felt that she would make a full recovery. He gave me some eye drops to put in her eye - wish me luck! He wants her to stay inside for at least another week so we have a new boarder in the apartment. She seems to be settling in and continues to eat, pee and poop well.

Lilly Post Injury Day 2 - Sunday, Dec. 7, 2009

Lilly looked better this morning and I left her in the apartment when I went to work. She was eating for me, but her right eye looked bad and she wouldn't let me near it to clean the drainage from it. When I came home from work, she was laying down resting with her tongue hanging out. I think the room was too hot so I turned it down. Her eye is still draining and so I called the vet to see if he would make a house call. He cannot come today, but could in the morning. I e-mailed him pictures of Lilly so he could see what I was talking about.

Lilly Is Injured

Yesterday started out to be a great day, but soon changed. In the morning I fed the deer as usual and little Lilly, the deer with me in the picture, came up as usual on the patio for a visit. She went down after breakfast and Charlie and I went to put plastic on the chicken coop to keep the guineas from getting too cold and then went to feed the rest of the critters. As we were feeding the ducks and peacocks, I looked over and saw that Lilly was back by the house and our dog Mollie was chasing her. [g2:85536]

Lilly Has A new Trick

Lilly has many talents and her latest is stair climbing![g2:85025]

Lilly Comes for Breakfast

Well, it is now Sunday morning. This was Lilly's first night out in the big world and naturally I was worried. I got my bucket of corn and Lilly's bottle and prayed that she would come. [g2:84817]

Lilly's First Night

It was 6:00 and time for the nightly feeding. I put out the corn for the "Regulars" and prayed that Lilly would show. Charlie was on lookout. As soon as I started putting the corn out, Lilly came running. .[g2:84785]

Lilly is a "Big Girl" Now -- We released her this morning - August 29, 2009

Today was a big day for Lilly. After her injuries on Thursday from being in the pen, we decided that we had no choice but to release her and pray that she does well on her own.[g2:84720]

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