The Geese and Red Make the Move to the Country

A few weeks ago, Charlie came back from checking on our old house and told me that a neighbor was annoyed with our geese getting into their garden and was going to shoot them. Naturally, I was very upset with this, but had no clue how I was going to be able to capture my geese and move them since they would not come up to me any more. I called everyone that I could think of and talked with the game warden. He put me in touch with someone in his department who would come out and sedate the geese and transport them for me. Naturally, it was not without risk. I was told that the geese may get too much of the medication and die. I really needed to think about this some more.

I went over to our old house the day before we closed on it to say "good-bye" and to check on the geese. C. L. Wilson was out in his yard so I went to tell him by and also to tell him that I was trying my best to relocate the geese. I knew that they were annoying everyone and getting into their gardens. He was so kind and went back with me to the old house. As luck would have it and I do believe in miracles, Sammy, Ed, Barney, and Red (who thinks he is a goose, but he is not) were all there. We were able to chase them into the small yard and C.L. grabbed them. We borrowed a dog crate from Gary next door and with a whole lot of work on everyone's part were able to get all of them. Now I really wasn't prepared for this adventure as I had no tarp to put down in my SUV, but I was just so happy to have rescued my geese that I didn't care. Needless to say, my car was quite a mess on the inside by the time we made the fifteen minute trip to our new place.

I think you will see by the pictures in the album that the geese have really acclimated to their new home. It is as if they have always been here.

I like happy endings, and this story has one. It is fun to see them run up with the other geese that were already here at dinner time. They now have their freedom and our old neighbors do not have to worry about our geese any more.