Lilly Moves To An Outside Pen

Today was a big day for Lilly and for us. Lilly has grown up quite a bit and although she still needs a bottle 3 times a day, she needs more room to run and play. We felt it was time to put her in a place that was safe and would allow her a little more freedom.[G2:84429]

We did not think that she was ready to be out in the woods on her own. Not sure that she would come to eat or if the other deer would accept her. The best place that we could think of was the enclosed pen where currently 7 ducks and 2 quail reside. There are two covered rooms that she could go in and then there is the big enclosed area where the ducks swim in there swimming pool. Charlie carried her out and as you can see by the picture, she is an armful! He got her out to the pen safely and we put her in. I fed her a bottle because it was time and I thought it might make her feel more safe. She took it well and then ran all over the pen. I was afraid that she would hurt herself running into the sides. She seemed to calm down and know the boundaries of the pen so we left her to make friends through the pen with the other deer.

Later, I checked on her and found her resting in one of the inside pens. She came to greet me and I saw that she had abrasions around her eyes. Her eyes look okay, but the fur is rubbed off both on top and underneath as well as a little bit on her forehead. Now I am worried that she is going to hurt herself more by running into the sides of the pen. I know that I need to let her adjust, but it does make me worry. We have fed her 3 and 4 times a day since she arrived in June and would hate to see anything happen to her. I love getting "deer kisses". I just came back from checking on her and giving her a bottle. All seems well. I am a little bit worried about the night. I think the pen is safe from other critters, but you can never be too sure. Also, I am worried that she will spook during the night. I have though about sleeping out there with her, but that may be a little too overly protective. Not sure what to do. Hopefully Lilly will let me know by her behavior at the next feeding that she is okay in her new home. I know that she is growing up and it is time to take the next step, but prayers for a good first night are very welcome.