Over Forty Days of Rain and It Is Still Raining!

No one would expect after the drought of last year, that we would now be begging for it to stop raining. The lake was so low last year that you could barely get the boat out and now the water is so high, that you cannot find the boat dock!

After a night of rain, thunder, and lightning, we lost power. Unfortunately the next morning when we left for work, we found out why. A large oak tree had fallen and took out the power line as well as our fence. Luckily, it was on a part of the property where we do not have any deer so nobody escaped.

After work Friday, Charlie and I went down to the boat house to check the boat and found that the top was hitting the top of the boat house. Since our boat is not running at the moment and we need to take it in, it was an extra challenge trying to figure out what to do. Luckily for us a boater came by and two men helped Charlie put the canopy down so we could raise the boat up as high as it could go and then turn off the power. The outlet is now under water!

This weekend Greg, Jamie, and the girls came for a visit and to help Charlie try to remove the tree and fix the fence. Due to the bad weather and the size of the tree, the job could not be completed.

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