The Relocation of Elle to Ribbit Retreat

A friend, Denise, had asked if we would consider taking this poor lonely goose that had been living on the UT Tyler campus to live at our home. It seems that the goose named Elle had been brought to campus by her owner (with permission from the university) after a coyote had killed all of the ducks and geese except for her. The owner thought that the ducks on campus would befriend it and it would have a safe place to live, but that didn't happen. Instead, Elle was an outcast and spent her day watching her reflection in the windows or the chrome bumper of cars thinking it was another goose. She looked so sad. Knowing that we had nine geese, Denise thought that Elle might be happier on our pond. That is how Elle came to Ribbit Retreat. Our home seems to be a safe haven for critters who have no place to go. Relocation was scheduled for 1700 on Thursday, February 8, 2007. For pictures, please see the photo gallery.