Bambi comes for a visit!

Last Sunday, Bambi, our pet deer decided to come up and join us on the patio. It took us a while to figure out how she was getting up, but she was caught in the act climbing the railroad tied and going under the railing.

You can go to my photo album to see some pictures of her visit.

Bambi was bottle fed and lived in a little pen by the front gate when we bought our new home. When the owners were moving out, the noise of their trailer spooked her and she broke her jaw on the gate. We took her to the vet and they wired her jaw. Since she no longer has any bottom teeth, her little tongue hangs out of her mouth all of the time. You can also see the wire and it looks like she ate a key ring! For a long time, we were worried that she would die because she was not eating. We would buy her applesauce by the big jars and mix it with her grain. She is now able to eat some carrots and even things that she shouldn't such as my house plants so I guess she has made a full recovery. We love her, but I do think that she believes she is a golden retriever and belongs in the house with mom's dog, Lincoln!