A new deer in the family

It is so strange how some things happen. On Friday, in need of deer corn, and Atwood's having the best prices, I stopped in and bought 20 bags. It took forever to find someone to load so finally the manager came over and loaded them for me. We got to talking and of course he asked why so much corn. I told him that we had an exotic deer farm and that we were in need to sell some of the deer as there were too many. Well, on Saturday morning, I happened to come in the house just in time to pick up the phone. It was the manager from Atwood. He reminded me of who he was and then said that there was a lady at the store who found a baby fawn and would I take it. How could I say no. I can't believe that he looked up our name and phone number and was asking permission to give it out! The nicest lady from Arp, Pat Adams, came by later that morning and brought Lilly. She had not eaten since 7:00 pm the day before so she was a little dehydrated. I finally got her to eat and now she is up to 9-10 oz. at a feeding. (Through the night too) She is looking much better this morning and actually met Mollie and Zoe who were in the living room when she came walking through the house!


I really like this picture. Click on it to view it full size.